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Sloane Sweatshirt by Named Clothing

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Sloane is the perfect combination of comfort and style! This smart and casual sweatshirt has a straight cut, but the semi-loose fit and long diagonal bust darts add a touch of form and sophistication, which makes Sloane ideal for many occasions. The neckline, hem and cuffs are finished with a ribbing.

Sizes: EUR 32-56 | US 0-24 | UK 4-28

Fabric Recommendations
Choose a medium weight knit fabric with 30 – 50% stretch. Sweatshirt jersey, terry, teddy or even light neoprene are all good options. For the neckline, cuffs and hem, pick a rigid knit that has a good recovery and 30 – 50% stretch. A firm rib knit is ideal. Our sample was made of mesh neoprene, with cotton rib kit for the ribbings.

Fabric Requirements
see chart

Material Requirements

  • Ribbing, 35 cm (3/8 yd)
  • Stay tape, 35 cm (14”)

Please note: This product is a printed pattern.