Aina Trousers & Culottes by Named Clothing – Fabric Romance

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Aina Trousers & Culottes by Named Clothing

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The Aina pattern includes two variations: Classic trousers with a slightly tapered ankle-length leg, and trendy culottes. Both of these lightly fitted trousers have a high rise, fly zipper closure, front pockets and patch pockets in the back. The front waist is finished with a classic and clean waistband with a decorative button closure at the sides. The back waist has a relaxed elastic detail, making the trousers more comfortable and easier to fit. Either variation can be sewn with or without the decorative topstitching.

Skill level: Intermediate

    Sizes: EUR 23-56/ US 0-24/ UK 4-28

    Fabric Recommendations
    Choose a light to medium weight non-stretch trouser fabric, or a fabric with approximately 5 - 10% stretch. Linen, hemp and cotton trousering, as well as a light denim are all good options.

    Fabric & Material Requirements
    See chart for fabric requirements

    • Pocket bag fabric, 35 cm (3/8 yd)
    • Fusible interfacing, 35 cm (3/8 yd)
    • Zipper, sizes 32–42: 18 cm (7”), sizes 44–66: 20 cm (8”)
    • 5 cm (2”) elastic band: see the fabric requirement table
    • Large button or jeans button, 1 pc
    • Medium-size buttons or snap fasteners, 4 pcs
    • (Topstitching thread)

    Please note: this product is a printed pattern.