The winter trends this year mix the comfy with the stylish with plenty of timeless classics thrown in there too. At Fabric Romance, we are all about key pieces that will see a lot of mileage and mix well with other garments you already own. The beauty about do-it yourself fashion — you can take your inspiration from the runway and high street and create a wardrobe tailored to your body and style and often for a fraction of the cost.

We have rounded up our favourite looks this month and paired them with suitable fabrics and sewing patterns. Check them out and let us know what you think.

1. Velvet Suit

Sew the Look - Velvet Suit - Sewing Pattern and Fabric Inspo

Velvet is a stylish choice for any festive gathering or evening event, and as a bonus the thicker fabric will help to keep you warm too. Go all out with a statement suit a la Tom Ford or, if you don't think you will get as much wear out of a full suit — a velvet blazer and jeans add glamour without feeling overdressed. 

Sew the look:
Deadstock Velvet Fabric in Burnt Red
Manhatten Blazer Sewing Pattern by Maison Fauve  
Brooklyn Pants Sewing Pattern by Maison Fauve


2. Quilted Vest

Sew The Look - Longline Quilted Vest - Sewing Pattern and Fabric Inspo

Puffer jackets and bodywarmers are totally back to the future and guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty throughout the cold season. Classic, quilted or embroidered. Longline or cropped. There's surely a style for every taste out there. 

Sew the look:
Quilted Denim Fabric in Khaki Green
Quilted Denim Fabric in Blue Blush
Ex-Designer Polyester Twill Suiting in Onyx Black
Irma Bodywarmer Sewing Pattern by Fibre Mood
Amelia Bomber Jacket sewing pattern by Wardrobe By Me


3. Tailored Waistcoat

Sew The Look - Tailored Womens Vest - Sewing Pattern and Fabric Inspo

A vest or waistcoat is a great way to add some smart to your outfit. Wear it as a stand-alone top, over t-shirts or a roll neck top, with a tunic, or over a buttoned shirt. ⁠Use classic wool suiting, linen, tweed or denim fabric.

Sew the look:
Plaid Wool Stretch Suiting Ex-Designer Fabric in Maroon
Windowpane Wool Stretch Suiting Ex-Designer Fabric in Navy
Veronica Vest Sewing Pattern by Just Patterns


4. Longline Cardigan

 Sew The Look - Longline Cardigan - Sewing Pattern and Fabric Inspo

Update your knitwear with a longline or maxi cardigan — they are as cosy as they are chic. Wear it loose and open or try adding a belt to help streamline your shape. Use jacquard, terry, sweatshirt jersey or a heavier teddy and cable knit fabrics.  

Sew the look:
Organic Bark Jacquard
Organic Selanik Knit 
Esme Maxi Cardigan Sewing Pattern by Named Clothing


We hope these pattern suggestions sparked your creative sewjo! Let us know your favourite pairings down below.


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  • Jodi Steel: December 15, 2022

    Great ideas! I definitely would love to use the bark jacquard for a longline cardigan! Super cozy for the current weather. I have my eye on the trouser pattern too. Gorgeous shape.

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