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Sirocco Jumpsuit by Deer & Doe Patterns

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Mock-wrap knit jumpsuit with short set-in sleeves and pleated pants. Version A has tapered legs, version B is a romper.

The pattern envelope contains a full size pattern and an instruction booklet.

Fabric Suggestions
Medium weight jersey or interlock knit (cotton, rayon, wool) containing elastane, with good recovery and at least 60% stretch. Allow extra fabric to match stripes or plaids.

Fabric Requirements
60" wide
45" wide
Version A (34-46) 2⅜ yards 3½ yards
Version A (48-52) 2¾ yards 3⅞ yards
Version B (34-46) 1¾ yards 2½ yards
Version B (48-52) 1⅞ yards 2⅝ yards


20” clear elastic

Please note: this product is a printed pattern.