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Mini Tania Culottes by Megan Nielsen Patterns

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Modern take on culottes combining the practicality of shorts with the appearance of a skirt. Pattern features three variations, an elastic waistband, wonderful drape, and hidden centre front and back pleats to create the illusion of a skirt.

Version 1 is shorts length, Version 2 is knee length and Version 3 is midi length.

Skill: 2/5

Ages: 2-12 (pattern includes all sizes)

Fabric Suggestions
Light to medium weight woven fabrics with lots of drape work best. Fabrics such as cotton, voile, batiste, crepe, lawn, rayon, linen and chambray.

Fabric Requirements
See the chart for details on fabric requirements.

Additional Supplies

  • Elastic 1"/1.5cm wide

Please note: this product is a printed pattern.