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Eco-Friendly Sew-All Thread from Gütermann creative

Posted on April 27 2019

Fabric Romance - Gutermann Recycled rPET 100m Sew All Thread


Gütermann is well known as a global supplier of premium quality sewing thread. What you may not know (yet), the company has also developed an environmentally-friendly sewing thread that is in line with their usual high quality standards and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Around 1,000 m of Gütermann's recycled sewing thread are produced from just one PET beverage bottle. 

Its manufacture requires less energy and generates less CO2.

Well done Gütermann! 

Fabric Romance will be stocking the full range of recycled Sew-all Thread 100 m rPET (currently 50 shades) – we are eagerly awaiting the delivery and will keep you posted once it arrives.